Understanding the Power of Direct Mail & Digital Media Together

  1. Direct Mail (DM) is Growing – Unlike other traditional media, DM grew 8% in 2020 and is showing no signs of slowing down post-pandemic. Simply put, DM is growing because it works!
  2. Better Together – DM + Digital = 118% higher response rates vs. running DM standalone.
  3. More Sales – DM + Digital leads to 28% higher conversion rates vs. running DM standalone.
  4. Leverage the Power of Reach & Frequency – the average consumer needs to see your message 5X before they react. Our multi-touch marketing plan syncs with your DM message, delivering multiple email, display, and video ads all month long driving more phone calls, website, and store traffic.
  5. Get In-Home Delivery – With the demise of phone books & newspapers, it’s now the only way to get your message physically in the home. Combined with Digital Delivery, it’s a powerful one-two punch!

Direct Makreting Association Mail Volume

Source: Direct Marketing Association